Recap: Chapel

Jenae Hall of Arvada, Colorado, is a worship leader at Dordt. She and approximately 35 other students lead in singing, playing instruments, praying, and praising the Lord. During Defender Days, students led chapel and Praise and Worship events. These are some of Jenae’s reflections about worship at Dordt College:

Q: Why did you decide to be part of a Dordt worship ensemble?

A: My favorite thing to do is worship the Lord. He has given us spiritual gifts, and it’s our responsibility to use them. I have a fire and a passion for the Holy Spirit. I believe the Lord equips those whom he calls to ministry, and I feel like I am called to lead others in worship. I fall in love with Jesus every time I worship, and that’s why I love it so much. It’s not about singing; it’s about communicating with the Holy Spirit.

Q: Why is chapel such a meaningful experience for students?

A: I think chapel feeds our spiritual growth. Being able to attend chapel is an honor and a privilege. Worshiping and hearing the Word of God is something that is so beneficial in our walk. If we know better, we do better. I believe the impact of chapel affects our minds and our spirits, which leads to an incredible relationship with our heavenly Father and a fulfilling life.

Q: Why do you think Dordt students are so excited about worship on campus?

A: When you get a taste of the Lord, you can’t help but want it all the time. Encountering the Holy Spirit is exciting and tugs at our heartstrings that are meant to be connected to our Father. There is nothing like communicating with our Savior. It’s not a surprise that students are engaged in chapel; we love Jesus! We are all designed to long for connection with God.

Q: Please share your thoughts about Defender Day chapel?

A: I think it was great that parents could participate and witness in one hour how their children are walking according to the will of the Lord. Chapel reflects the heart of so many students on Dordt’s campus. There is an incredible atmosphere of purity, encouraging, and longing for Lord on campus and in the lives of so many Dordt students.