Table of Contents

Section One: Biblical and Historical Perspectives

Chapter One: Work and Play: A Biblical Perspective
Robert K Johnston

Chapter Two: Implications for Leisure from a Review of the Biblical Concepts of Sabbath and Rest
Paul Heintzman

Chapter Three: The Puritan Ethic and Christian Leisure for Today
Leland Ryken

Section Two: Methodological Issues

Chapter Four: Toward a Christian Perspective in the Leisure Sciences
Gordon Spykman

Chapter Five: Leisure Science, Dominant Paradigms, and Philosophy: The Expansion of Leisure Science's Horizon
Paul Heintzman

Section Three: Present Practices and Challenges in Leisure

Chapter Six: Whatever Happened to the Leisure Revolution?
Gordon Dahl

Chapter Seven: Leisure and the New Age Movement
Glen E. Van Andel

Chapter Eight: Contemplative Leisure Within Christian Spirituality
Joseph D. Teaff

Chapter Nine: Leisure at L'Arche: Communities of Faith for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Cathy O'Keefe

Chapter Ten: Unless Someone Like You Cares a Whole Awful Lot
Don DeGraaf

Section Four: Play, Sport, and Athletics

Chapter Eleven: Sport, Play, and Leisure in the Christian Experience
Shirl J. Hoffman

Chapter Twelve: Coming to Terms with Play, Game, Sport, and Athletics
John Byl

Chapter Thirteen: Play, Game, and Sport in a Reformed, Biblical Worldview
Tom Visker

Chapter Fourteen: Athletics from a Christian Perspective
Marvin A. Zuidema

Chapter Fifteen: Towards an Understanding of "Muscular Christianity": Religion, Sport, and Culture in the Modem World
James A. Mathisen

Chapter Sixteen: Competition in Church Sport Leagues
Kimberly A. Keller, Gary H. Naylor, and David R. Stirling

Chapter Seventeen: Christian Ethics in North American Sport
Murray W. Hall

Section Five: Leisure and Culture

Chapter Eighteen: From the Super Bowl to Worship: The Roles of Story in Work and Leisure
Quentin J. Schultze

Chapter Nineteen: From Faith to Fun: Humor as Invisible Religion
Russell Heddendorf

Chapter Twenty: Leisure, Drama, and Christianity
Gwen Laurie Wright