The Voice: Fall 2001

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Artists visit

    Levi O'bem Yakubu and his wife, Gnuemo, from Makurdi, Nigeria, spent a week on campus as guests of the art department. Following a public reception in the art gallery, they presented a public lecture on life and work in Africa. In addition they gave a public demonstration of their batik work and pottery, including raku firings.
    Levi is the president of Dajo Pottery Ltd. in Makurdi, “the first marble-ceramic table-ware manufacturers in Africa.”

Appeals Court

    On October 23, the Iowa State Court of Appeals met on Dordt’s campus. The session, which meets at different locations around the state, is open to the public. This fall’s event was arranged by Court of Appeals Judge Terry Huitink and Lawyer Mike Jacobsma, an adjunct instructor at Dordt.
    During the session of the court, a three-judge panel heard both criminal and civil cases. Pre-law students observed the proceedings and had lunch with the judges.
     “The court system is a bit mysterious to some people,” says Jacobsma. “Most people don’t know exactly what goes on.” The appeals court makes an effort use its varied meeting locations to educate the public about its operations. Judges welcome the opportunity to talk with students, and political studies professors and pre-law students appreciate the opportunity to see the judicial system in process.

Website gets redesign

    Visitors to Dordt’s website noticed a new look this summer. A major part of the project was to separate the external site from the internal site known on campus as DENIS. The site is now more usable for those off campus who wish to get information about the college. Prospective students, alumni, friends, parents, and employers will now have an easier time finding what they are looking for, says Webmaster Brady Fopma.
    In addition to a new look, the site has a more consistent look for all pages. Previously, some pages were maintained by department or staff members. Now all information that appears on the external site goes through the public relations office first.
    Other features include a new virtual tour of campus, a better online calendar for campus events, and a more regularly updated news and events page. Sports information is updated daily.

    Perhaps the most significant change internally is a new connection to the college databases that allows the site to pull information more easily from these sources. Changes are easier to make and should help keep information more current.

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