The Voice: Fall 2001

The Voice

Prayer for Freshman Commissioning Service

Given A.D. 2001 August 26 at Dordt Chapel

    Let us come before the Throne of God in prayer:
    Almighty Sovereign and Triune God, by whom all things were made, Creator of more than 200 billion stars in our Galaxy, of which our Sun is but one rather average example, and Maker of more than fifty billion galaxies, truly, You like to make some of Your toys very, very, very large indeed! In Your sight the Earth is like fine dust on the scales, the nations of humankind, a drop in a bucket.
    To come before such a great God makes us quiver in our boots! As it is written, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God.”
    Nevertheless, Your eye is upon all us sparrows here. There is no escaping Your vision. You made us and put us on this planet for a purpose. Through various circumstances and events, You have brought us to Dordt College today.
    Commission us all: students to be students, faculty to be faculty, staff to be staff, parents to be parents–all of us to be Your disciples and servants. Commission us, O Lord – we cannot commission ourselves.

    Fill us with awe and wonder at Your sovereign grace in Christ, and fill us with reverence for the astonishing wonders of Your vast Creation. Remind us from this day forth that we never, never, never walk alone! Let us then soar on the wings of eagles in your power through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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