The Voice: Fall 2001

The Voice

Notes from the development office

Dave Vander Werf

International Student Aid Fund
  Dordt College currently enrolls thirty-two international students from seventeen countries outside of Canada and the United States on our campus. These students became aware of Dordt College in a variety of ways and are glad to be a part of the Dordt community. And we appreciate the contribution they make to campus life.
    Many of these international students come to campus with financial needs beyond those of most traditional students. This year their financial need has been greater than in the past, and we are asking supporters to consider a gift to the International Student Aid Fund to assist these students.
    Gifts to the International Student Aid Fund are applied to the tuition accounts of international students, freeing up their limited resources for other needed items like toiletries and adequate clothing for our climate. To help support international students on our campus contact our office at 712-722-6020 or make checks to:
    International Student Aid Fund
    Dordt College
    498 4th Ave NE
    Sioux Center, IA 51250

Dordt receives large bequest
    In July of this year, Dordt College was the recipient of the largest bequest in the history of the college. The bequest came from the estate of Dick H. and Anna Grussing of Raymond, Minnesota, and totaled over $638,000.
    Dick and Anna Grussing were engaged in farming and real estate for many years. The Grussings had no children and had been faithful supporters of the college. They appreciated members of the Dordt College faculty who periodically preached and the student groups who sang in their church. According to the couple’s attorney, Dean Anderson, “The Grussings were impressed with the mission of Dordt College, continued to identify with the direction of the college, and were pleased to support it.
    At Dordt College we are humbled to receive a gift of this magnitude. Gifts such as these become part of our endowment, provide the college with greater flexibility in program offerings, and help to ensure a quality education. It is encouraging to know others are silently observing our efforts and reaffirming their support of the college through their estate plans.
    We encourage you to remember Dordt College in your estate plan. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and have a positive impact on our endowment. Some of our supporters have the ability to make a major impact with gifts from their estates, and we would be happy to provide assistance in directing these gifts.
    If you have already remembered Dordt College in your estate, please contact us. We would like to include you as a member of our Heritage Society. Heritage Society members receive quarterly issues of the Steward (a tax and financial advice publication), a collector’s edition vase made by Jake Van Wyk, birthday cards, and the satisfaction of benefiting Christian higher education. Consider the benefits, and contact our office to join at 712-722-6020.

Changes to Endowment Scholarship Program
    Changes have gone into effect this year to make Dordt’s scholarship program more effective. Beginning with this fiscal year, the amount required to endow a scholarship has been increased from $10,000 to $15,000. The adjustment was made to allow the college to increase the amount awarded, making our scholarship program more attractive and effective.
    With the increased start-up amount, the college will be able to award five percent of the scholarship balance annually. The change means we will be able to make larger awards and still let the scholarship grow substantially to better keep pace with tuition increases. We plan to review the amount needed to endow a scholarship at the end of our fiscal year to determine whether it should be raised even higher.
    The decision to increase the start-up endowment came after a study of amounts that similar institutions award. We decided to make substantial changes already this year so that we can offer substantial scholarships to attract and retain quality students.
    We encourage you to consider endowing a scholarship to be awarded to a deserving Dordt College student.        

Judy Hagey
Director of Church Relations

    Some of the most important lessons college students learn happen outside of the classroom as they learn to live in covenant community. Even though the college campus seems removed from the “real world,” this faith community faces the same challenges as other believers. Learning “to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God” is as much a part of a Dordt education as accumulating enough credits to earn a degree. As we encourage, challenge, and hold each other accountable, we build community.
    Dordt is blessed to be part of a larger faith community, made up of individuals and churches who encourage us with their prayers and support us with their gifts. In the fiscal year completed June 30, 2001, gifts from our supporting church community reached an all-time high of $787,902, a nearly fifteen percent increase over the previous year. We are grateful for such tangible evidence of your support. Our prayer is that the worldwide community of believers is strengthened as we continue to work and learn in covenant community at Dordt.

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