The Voice: Fall 2001

The Voice

Two new Schaap books released this fall

    With more than twenty books published, Dr. James C. Schaap is used to seeing his name on book covers. In October a new devotional and a book of short stories were released. The devotional, which is a joint project of Baker Book House and Christian Reformed Publications, is titled Every Bit of Who I Am and is based on the Heidelberg Catechism.
    Schaap dedicated the book to three people, a woman who met him in an elevator in Toronto who told him he should write more devotionals, a high school senior for whom he served as mentor in studying the catechism in his church education program, and Andrew Kuyvenhoven, whose book Comfort and Joy formed the basis for his study with Matt Ruter, his mentee.
    “Kids today genuinely experience a lot of spirituality, but I don’t think they always care much for who God really is or want to learn about their faith in great depth,” he says. He attempts to dig deeper into faith through stories, humor, and personal examples to try to help young people look honestly at who they are in Christ.
    Paternity, a book of short stories all based on a theme of being a father, is published by Quiddity Press and includes pieces that have been previously published in a variety of publications. The most recent of them, “Casa Mia,” was awarded first place by the Associated Church Press last year.

    Both books are available through the Dordt College bookstore.

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