The Voice: Summer 2001

The Voice

Luncheon brings together scholarship donors and recipients

Scholarship Luncheon     On April 27th the first scholarship donor luncheon was held on campus. The event was an opportunity for Dordt to honor those who have funded scholarships at the college as well as allow donors to meet their respective scholarship recipients and develop personal relationships beyond what could be accomplished in a thank you letter.
    Guests were treated to the music of a string quartet while dining on the stage of the B.J. Haan Auditorium. In his comments Dr. Zylstra thanked those who attended for their commitment to Christian higher education and expressed his appreciation for their vision in funding these scholarships. He emphasized the growing importance of scholarships and the significant role they will continue to play in easing the tuition burden of our students.
    If you have been thinking about funding a scholarship for a deserving student at Dordt College please contact the Dordt College Advancement Office at 712-722-6020 for more information. By funding a scholarship you can make a significant and lasting impact on a student recipient.

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