The Voice: Winter 2001

The Voice

From president Dayton Vogel ('81)

Since I've been on the Alumni Council, I've had the privilege of witnessing the operation of Dordt College from a different perspective. As a student and as a recent graduate, I tended to look at Dordt as only a means to an end. Now I recognize that Dordt College stands for much more than career preparation. It plays a crucial role in developing a student's world and life view. This realization has deepened my appreciation for Dordt and heightened my awareness of the vital role that alumni play in maintaining the life and mission of the college.

Compared to many colleges, Dordt is young. So are its alumni. Most alumni are in their child-rearing and career advancement years busy times with demanding commitments of time, energy, and finances. One challenge is to keep Dordt involved in each alum's life in a way that it does not add demands, but fosters a spirit of partnership as we work together.

Like any relationship, a partnership takes work and commitment to be meaningful. Both sides must communicate openly and respectfully with each other. They must encourage each other and guide each other through their weaknesses. The bond in the relationship is made stronger when both partners recognize they are more effective because of their union. This relationship, between Dordt College and its alumni, also recognizes that the result of their partnership must be passed on to others.

The Alumni Council works hard to foster a strong and mutually satisfying relationship between the college and its graduates. Homecoming, trips to sporting events, reunion dinners, and educational travel are just some of the ways we stay connected. Using alumni in leadership roles, sponsoring internships, and serving as mentors are ways graduates can help build that relationship. The alumni scholarship is our way of passing along the Dordt experience to the next generation of alumni.

I encourage you to take the time to rethink your role in this partnership. Dordt College values its students, current and past. Just as the college has played some role in shaping those individual lives, each individual has played some role in shaping Dordt College.

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