The Voice: Winter 2001

The Voice

KDCR website offers better live feed

Whether you're interested in volleyball or commentary, KDCR's updated website connects viewers to live or taped feed more quickly and efficiently than before.

This summer, Dordt's webmaster, Brady Fopma, redesigned the KDCR site so that it fit better with Dordt's general site both in design and flow. The site had been set up in-house and was not linked easily with the Dordt site, says Fopma. He and his student assistant, Darcy Beltman, began an overhaul that separates content from design. Fopma designed a template into which KDCR staff can update information daily.

The best feature of the new site is its connection to a new Real server in Dordt's computer services department. The Real server allows visitors to listen to live or taped audio by streaming the sound through a process called Real Audio. Instead of downloading the whole file before you can access it, Real Audio allows the file to begin playing while it is being downloaded_making live feeds possible. Although KDCR offered live feed before through an outside service, the quality was not as good as it is now that Dordt has its own equipment.

If you've never tried accessing audio from KDCR, you can do it today. The site address is www.kdcr.dordt.edu. Or you can enter through the Dordt site and click on KDCR FM. Once in the site click on KDCR Live. This will give you the option of downloading free Real Audio software. After it is downloaded you can hear the live broadcast.

The site can currently handle up to fifty users simultaneously.

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