The Voice: Winter 2001

The Voice

Workshops for schools are available

Over fifty workshops on a range of topics in education are currently available through Dordt's Center for Educational Services. The workshops, which are led by Dordt faculty and staff members, are designed not only for teachers, but also parent groups and board members, says Dr. John Van Dyk, the director of the Center. Individual workshops could be presented at teachers' conventions, faculty in-service days, parent meetings, board retreats, or other settings.

A key feature of these workshops, adds Van Dyk, is that all of them, whether general or subject-focused, develop a Christian perspective on the topic. The workshop topics range from inclusive communities for those with special needs to classroom management, from teaching strategies to teaching that nurtures faith, from how to teach poetry to how to develop enrichment units in mathematics.

These workshops demonstrate what the Center for Educational Services is about, says Van Dyk to serve Christian schools and teachers across North America. The Center, which grew out of the B.J. Haan Educational Conference in the late 80s, originally focused on teaching Christianly in a broad sense. Today Van Dyk also solicits ideas and proposals from Dordt faculty and staff in specific subject areas that can be shared with teachers, parents, and board members.If your school is interested in seeing the list of workshops available, contact Dr. John Van Dyk by phone 712-722-6354, fax 712-722-1185, or e-mail jvandyk@dordt.edu.

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