The Voice: Fall 2002

The Voice

Dordt hosts scholarship donor banquet

Ken and LaDonna Huisman fund the Huisman Minority Scholarships, given this year to Willie Williams, Mary Dekkers, and Nathaniel Sakuma. On Saturday, September 28, Dordt College hosted the second annual Donor-Funded Scholarship Banquet. The event brought together donors and student recipients of Dordt College scholarships, giving them an opportunity to build a more personal relationship. Students welcomed the opportunity to personally meet and thank their scholarship donors.

Donors and scholarship recipients met informally over punch, posed for pictures, and later enjoyed dinner.

The event provided a way for the college to thank donors and simultaneously recognize student recipients. In order for a student to be awarded a donor-funded scholarship, she or he must apply for the scholarship, maintain a suitable GPA, meet donor-selected criteria, in some cases write an essay, and exhibit Christian character.

Dordt College currently has 62 donor-funded scholarships and 123 student recipients. Experience what a blessing it can be to provide financial assistance for a deserving student, a future leader. Call the advancement office at (712) 722-6020 for details.

The Friends of Dordt Foundation has been around for many years. It’s primary goal is to build and maintain a membership of constituents willing to provide on-going annual gift support for college programs. The main emphasis is loyal, consistent gift support; the second is generous annual support.

Membership in the Friends of Dordt Foundation increased from 3065 members in 2000-01 up to a record 3213 members in 2001-02. Combined gift support from foundation members increased sixteen percent, from $2,286,857 in 2000-01 to $2,660,645 in 2001-02.

The Friends of Dordt Foundation essentially serves as a “living endowment” for the college, strengthening the financial stability of the college. It is the “foundation” of Dordt’s gift support program, with members who stand united in their commitment to the college as an institution that educates from a reformed, Christian perspective.

We want to acknowledge and thank foundation members for their consistent and generous gift support of Dordt College.