The Voice: Fall 2002

The Voice

Your investment portfolio: Got return?

Find yourself watching the Dow a lot more these days? Do you find yourself hoping the market has reached bottom and will turn around next week?

Unfortunately many people have taken a financial beating in the stock market, IRAs and 401Ks. The prospects for a quick recovery in the near future seem rather dim. The threat of terrorist attacks, corporate financial shenanigans, unstable crude oil prices, and the threat of war have and continue to negatively impact stock market returns. Even the most seasoned market observers are divided
regarding when a positive market turn-around will occur.

Those whose income is mainly derived from investments, pensions, or social security are especially vulnerable in times of economic uncertainty. Right now is one of the best times in history to consider a charitable gift annuity as an investment instrument.

Does a six percent, eight percent, or even twelve percent, guaranteed-for-life return sound good? Like the idea of supplementing your income and locking in a constant income stream for life?

Charitable gift annuities have been used by charities for over 200 years to enhance income for donors and benefit charitable causes. Dordt College can assist you in setting up a gift annuity that will benefit you and the college. Cash, stock, land, buildings, or even collectibles can be used to fund your annuity. In return Dordt will pay you income for life. You will be entitled to an immediate income tax deduction and a portion of the income you receive from the college will be tax-free.

Dordt College has an exceptional record of on-time payments to donors, and our financial position is strong. We are experts at helping donors reach their charitable goals and will work with your financial professionals to accomplish your wishes. A charitable gift annuity will benefit you and Dordt College.

Last year and this year have proven to be record years in the number of charitable gift annuities written by charities throughout the country. Donors are reaping the benefits of a stabilized consistent income stream from
charitable gift annuities while at the same time making an immediate positive impact with the charitable cause of their choice.

Call the Dordt College advancement office at (712) 722-6020 for details.