The Voice: Spring 2002

The Voice

Kids Carnival is a hit

Face painting and a variety of games kept children happily busy while their parents visited with friends

As alumni parents were enjoying the track meet, basketball games, and catching up with friends, their children were having some fun of their own at this year’s Kids Carnival. Children could bob for apples, spin-the-wheel for prizes, play board games, or get their faces painted, all courtesy of Dordt student club members.

The carnival served as a fund raiser for student clubs and activities. Kids and parents could support the clubs by buying tickets and using them at any of many different booths. The photography club, which set up one of the more popular tables, estimated that they earned $75.

But raising money isn’t the only reason to have the carnival, club members say. David Kok, a member of the Future Active Christian Teachers Club, points out the obvious benefit for parents – it offers something for the kids to do while their parents are attending homecoming events. It’s a great way for Dordt students to be involved in homecoming, too.

“As future teachers, this is right up our alley,” Kok says. “The kids have a great time, and we really love to get involved with them.”

Some club members admit that they get just as much enjoyment out of the carnival as the kids do. Stephanie Lems, part of the Dynamics Dance team, says, “The kids really seem to enjoy it, and it’s good for raising money, but it’s a lot of fun for us, too.”