The Voice: Summer 2002

The Voice

Faculty News

On February 6, Drs. Daryl Vander Kooi and Charles Veenstra presented a listening skills workshop at Interstates Electric and Engineering.Veenstra also gave the keynote address at the Great Plains Model Arab League meetings held on April 4.

Dr. Lorna Van Gilst conducted a one-week writing workshop in March in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, with eighteen missionary children in Merida Christian School. The school is actually a gathering of home-schoolers under the guidance of Darlene Van Ee (’69).

Social Work Professor JimVanderwoerd had an article titled “When Religion and Sexual Orientation Collide:Ethical Dilemmas in Curriculum Standards for Social Work Edu-cation” published in the journal Social Work and Christianity, Vol 29, No. 1, pp. 53 - 65.

Art Professor Susan Van Geest juried artwork for the Sioux City Art Center’s Art Splash to go on display this summer. Van Geest also juried work for Orange City’s Tulip Festival art show, ArtBurst.

Education Professor Cella Bosma plans to work with the Cary Christian Center on an outreach program in Glen Allan, Mississippi, helping students ages 5-14 develop an interest in reading and build their literacy skills. She will help the high school and college age assistants learn management and teaching skills for working with the students.

Professor Gary Vander Plaats will be teaching a management accounting course in China during the weeks of May 13 and May 20 for the Pacific Institute for Business Management. The courses will be taught at the Chongqing Petroleum College in Chongqing and the China Enterprise Management Training Centre in Chengdu.

On March 18 and 19, Dr. John Van Dyk, director of the Center for Educational Services, worked with representatives of Universidad Evangelica de Las Americas in San Jose, Costa Rica, on the design of a center for educational services and an education department intended to serve Christian schools in Central America.

In April, he conducted a seminar on “The Reflective Practitioner: Bridging the gap between philosophy of education and classroom practice” at Westminster Academy in St. Louis, Missouri. In May, Van Dyk conducted seminars for representatives of Christian schools in Nicaragua, on “Applying a Biblical Worldview to Lesson Planning” and “The Place of the Bible in the Curriculum.”

Drs. Kevin Eames and Danny Hitchcock made a joint presentation to students and faculty on “A Summary of the Research Used in the Debate on the Causes of Homosexuality: Critique and Christian Perspective” at a campus meeting sponsored by the Psychology Club.

A proposed photo montage/graphic design work by Art Professor David Versluis has been selected for recognition in the all-Iowa competitive show “Who We Were Then, Who We Are Now: Iowans Interpret September 11, 2001.” David’s piece is titled “View of Manhattan from Ellis Island—a Self-portrait.” The exhibit, organized by the James and Meryl Hearst Center for the Arts in Cedar Falls, Iowa, will begin with an opening reception on August 11 and continue through October 6, 2002. The show is part of the American Spirit Grant Project, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.