The Voice: Spring 2003

The Voice

Schaap edits new book

What books are worth passing on? Which ones should be read in the next century, and beyond? What stories have had a major influence on the lives of those who have read them?

These are the questions answered by More than Words, a recently released book by author Philip Yancey and James Schaap, author and English professor at Dordt College, Sioux Center. Schaap prefaces this book as a collection of twenty-one Christian authors who “locate a moment or series of moments in his or her life when some literary master, seemed, without a doubt, to be there for them.” The authors conclude their essays with a short reading guide, which offers quick tips to aid in selecting a life-impacting book on your next trip to the library.

“Stories live, not only because they open us up to other worlds but also because they reveal our own,” says Schaap in his essay contribution. Schaap himself chose the turn-of-the-century fiction writer Sherwood Anderson as an author who inspired him; other essayists in the book chose Shakespeare, Milton, J.R.R. Tolkein and Alice Munro, as well as a variety of other well-known writers.

The compilation was initiated by Philip Yancey, with Schaap serving as editor for the project. “We have collaborated on this book with one goal in mind,” says Yancey, “to spread the virus of good reading. May it prove contagious.”

Schaap has published five novels: Home Free, In the Silence There Are Ghosts, The Secrets of Barneveld Calvary, Romey's Place, and Things Hoped For, Things Not Seen. He has also published three collections of short stories, Paternity, The Privacy of Storm and Still Life, as well as several devotional books and a variety of nonfiction works. Schaap has won several Evangelical Press Association and Associated Religious Press awards for his short fiction.

More Than Words is published by Baker Books and is available at the Dordt College bookstore, Christian bookstores and on-line at amazon.com, christianbook.com, and other retail outlets.