The Voice: Spring 2003

The Voice

Development notes

Dordt College Development Foundation embarks on a new project
The Dordt Development Foundation (DDF) is a collective effort of more than 130 regional businesses to provide financial support for Dordt College. More than just writing checks to our campaigns and projects, these businesses and business leaders sponsor scholarships, attend concerts, purchase tickets to sporting events, and are active in educational programs. Local corporate philanthropy is robust and serves as a source of encouragement for all of us at Dordt College.

The foundation has funded a variety of projects. The goal for the Dordt 2000 campaign was $985,000 and the business community responded with $1.1 million dollars raised. Immediately after this campaign, a goal of $750,000 was set for the recently concluded successful Campus Center Project, and we have received pledges of $752,000.

Currently, the foundation is seeking to raise $500,000 for campus growth and expansion in three areas:
    • The purchase and initial development of the Kuhl property
    • The Dordt College Fund
    • Advancement/Business Affairs Center

Heritage Society News
The Dordt College Heritage Society continues to grow at a steady pace. Five new members joined in the last quarter, bringing our total membership to nearly 550. We welcome Lowell and Nadine Andreas, Marilyn Schryvers, and Wilbert and Berendina Wichers. Thank you for your faithful support of Dordt College in prayer and with your gifts.

Scholarship News
Two new endowed scholarships are in the process of being funded. One will benefit students majoring in education; the other will benefit students majoring in youth ministries. A strong scholarship program helps attract good students to Dordt College. We are encouraged as this program continues to grow.

Church Support
Christian education is a multi-faceted enterprise that requires the cooperation of several entities. In Reformed circles the home-school-church cooperative has been the basis and strength of our Christian schools for a generation. In covenantal consent the school commits to developing and nurturing kingdom citizens while the home and church respond with loving support and resources. Those resources are prayer, encouragement, and gifts. Whether those gifts come from a denominationally supported program, such as ministry shares, or from a church’s commitment to underwrite the Christian college education of the children of its congregation, they are vitally important to Dordt College. They not only help us to keep tuition more affordable, but more importantly they bind us together in the ministry of Christian education.