The Voice: Spring 2003

The Voice

Staying connected

By: Judy Hagey, Director of Alumni Relations

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:3

Staying Connected
Staying connected in the pace of 21st century lifestyles is more than difficult. Experts tell us the typical family spends fewer than five minutes a day in meaningful communication. If we barely have the time to connect with those who are closest and dearest to us, how much more difficult is it to find the time to re-connect with extended families and friends from the past.

As the office charged with helping alumni stay connected to Dordt College and to each other, our task is challenging. But we’re committed to finding ways to make it easier and more convenient for you to stay in touch.

Online Directory Coming
Thanks to e-mail technology, communicating with each other is as close as your computer keyboard and mouse. If you haven’t already used our e-mail directory to look for former roommates and classmates, go to the Dordt College alumni website to see who’s online, and re-connect with that long- lost friend. Later this year we anticipate upgrading that service to a secured site with a more complete directory which will enable you to search for alumni by location and employment as well. Our hope is that you will not only re-connect with former students, but that you may also be willing to share your experiences and expertise with current students in an expanded network of mentoring and job shadowing.

Alumni House Update
Work begins in earnest to refurbish the former Evans house into a home away from home for alumni. We anticipate it will be complete and ready for guests by early summer. Give your college friends a call and make plans to spend a few days or a weekend together in our guest house. Call or e-mail the alumni office to make your reservations.

Call for Memorabilia
We need your help furnishing the alumni house memorabilia room. Do you have photos or any items of interest that you would be willing to share—either permanently or temporarily—with the campus community and alumni? What about that uniform that you’re still thinking you might get back into someday? Have you got a tuition statement from the early years? How about an old Signet? We hope to have a complete set of yearbooks for folks to peruse when they visit the house. Your personal contributions will make this a place where people will enjoy spending a few minutes or a few hours remembering their Dordt College Days. Contact the alumni office to let us know what you can contribute to this remembering room.

Dordt Encounters
We know that some interesting Dordt College connections are made in some pretty unusual situations. For instance, Joy (ex '75) and David (ex '74) Koning from Kalamazoo, Michigan, told us about meeting Dordt College alumni during their stop at Mt. Rainier last summer. Spying the letters …RDT on a sweatshirt as someone disappeared into the restroom, Joy suspected the wearer might be another Dordt person. After all, she pondered, how many schools have a name that ends with that combination of letters. Her suspicions were confirmed a few minutes later when she introduced herself to Stacey (’01) and Russ (’99) Smies and completed the Dordt Connection.

How many similar stories might there be if we actually scheduled a Dordt Encounters Day and asked everyone to wear Dordt College apparel one day during the peak travel season? So plan now to don your Dordt gear on July 15 and keep your eyes peeled for other Dordt folks. We look forward to hearing your stories and will share them with Voice readers next fall.

(You say your Dordt t-shirt is faded or has shrunk? Pay a visit to the bookstore—in person or online (http://www.dordt.edu/bookstore/) to pick up some new gear.

Preparing for Jubilee
Plans for commemorating Dordt College’s 50th anniversary are taking shape. Our Jubilee celebration will take place throughout the 2004-05 academic year with a series of regional events and campus events, culminating in a grand celebration on-campus July 1-3, 2005. Please note the change of dates. This weekend follows Dordt Discovery Days and takes advantage of the three-day holiday weekend. Work is already underway on developing a multi-media production which will highlight alumni contributions and be the focus of the regional celebrations, as well as the July on-campus event. We’re also planning a variety of educational, athletic, and social activities—including an all-college reunion. Would you help us make this a celebration to remember? We will need volunteers to contact classmates, teammates, former choir and band members. Is there a group you’d really like to get together with? Let us know and we’ll work with you to try to make it happen. Were you part of a Talent Extravaganza act that you would like to re-enact? Get your group together and plan to be part of our “big tent revival.” We have much to be grateful for as a college community. God has richly blessed the dreams of our founders for a Reformed Christian college in the Iowa prairies. But you, too, are part of the story. Plan now to be part of the celebration.