The Voice: Spring 2003

The Voice


We received a letter from Lisa Vander Giessen, a thank you for the role Dordt College played in shaping her husband, Mark. She encouraged us to share it with our readers. We’ve included some excerpts. Mark attended Dordt College from 1994-1997, where he studied agri-business and played baseball.

“There is one characteristic that I believe has shaped him into the loving and devoted husband he is. Mark is a graduate of Dordt College.

“I am always hearing wonderful stories about Dordt. The students, the faculty, and community members all played a pivotal role in making Mark’s experience enriching and life-changing.

“I know that not everything about the experience was great. Like many students, it took the constant support of coaches, peers, and professors for Mark to get through [difficult] issues and to help him emerge a stronger person. Although his coaches and professors didn’t always see the difference they were making in Mark’s life, I want them to know that I see it every day. I want to sincerely thank them for their prayers and support, not just for Mark but for all students. It is people like me who reap the benefits of their dedication.

“I owe a heartfelt thanks to the people of Dordt College. Without your caring and dedication, my husband would not be the man he is today. Please realize that although your efforts may at first seem to go unnoticed, the students you mentor will undoubtedly leave Dordt better because of you. If you are a professor or a coach, I would like to personally thank you for your commitment to the students you serve. If you are a student, I encourage you to lend your support to a peer in need. You may never know what a difference you have made in someone’s life or how the good you do today will enrich the lives of people you haven’t even met.”