The Voice: Summer 2003

The Voice

Dordt College benefits from partnership with Barnabas Foundation

By: Dave Vander Werf, Director of Planned Giving

For many years Dordt College has benefited from its partnership with the Barnabas Foundation, an organization that encourages stewardship and assists people in their charitable giving and estate planning. We were reminded of this again recently when we received another check from a donor’s estate in the Chicago area. The total bequest to the college was more than $55,000 and was administered on behalf of the donor through the Barnabas Foundation.

Because this estate was in various stages of liquidity, several checks over a period of several months were issued to Dordt College. The Barnabas Foundation helped to assure that the donor’s wishes were carried out and provided a flexible gift vehicle through which several Christian organizations could benefit.

Dordt College also has benefited in other ways from our association with the Barnabas Foundation. We regularly receive checks from the Barnabas Foundation on behalf of other donors who use the philanthropic fund offered by Barnabas. Barnabas has also provided a wonderful resource for donors to do estate planning that matches their particular values and still benefit organizations like Dordt College.

We are grateful for the excellent legal advice the Barnabas Foundation has provided over the years. The foundation has been an excellent resource in guiding Dordt College through complex financial transactions from various locations throughout our constituency.

Please contact us with any questions about how the Barnabas Foundation can benefit you:
    Dordt College Advancement Office
    498 4th Ave NE
    Sioux Center, IA 51250
or contact the Barnabas Foundation:         
    Barnabas Foundation
    18601 North Creek Drive
    Suite B
    Tinley Park, IL 60477-6399