The Voice: Summer 2003

The Voice

Seniors raise $525,000

Four graduating seniors have spent all four of their years at Dordt College on the phone raising money for Dordt College. In fact, this year, because of their experience and leadership, the college raised more money in phone pledges to the Annual Fund and the Spring Debt Reduction Drive than ever before. This is a significant accomplishment in current economic conditions, says Vice President for Advancement Lyle Gritters.

The four students are Brent Dieleman, an environmental studies major from Pella, Iowa; Rachel Eggink, a secondary education history major from Pella, Iowa; Glenn Mesman, a psychology major from Edgerton, Minnesota; and Laura Vos, an elementary education major from Newton, Iowa.

All four say that it was a good job, although they admit that a bad call could ruin the evening for them. They cite the relationships they were able to develop with each other and the comfortable and fun atmosphere that Wes Fopma, the director of the annual fund, creates for his student callers. Flexible hours and getting to talk with people from all over the country who support Dordt College were also benefits.    

They also came to appreciate those who support Dordt College.

“Many generous alumni give on an annual basis,” says Mesman, noting that many elderly people on a fixed income find a way to give every year.

“I learned that Dordt College supporters are a very generous group of people and are still genuinely interested in the college and its work. I was amazed at how many people wanted to get to know me a little more, such as my major and where I’m from,” says Dieleman.