The Voice: Winter 2003

The Voice

Faculty News

Dordt College President Carl E. Zylstra is among a select group of Christian leaders who shared essays about their years as college students in a recently released book, College Faith: 150 Christian Leaders and Educators Share Faith Stories from Their Student Days.

The book of essays was compiled by Ronald Knott and published by Andrews University Press, which published the book to inspire students, staff, teachers and administrators with simple faith stories. Writers for the book include the presidents of sixty-plus Christian colleges, universities, theological seminaries and Christian ministries.

English Professor David Schelhaas gave two presentations at the ASCI convention in Chicago in October. One was titled “Teaching Poetry So They Love It” ; the other was “The Ideal High School English Curriculum.”

Dr. Keith Sewell, professor of history, presented a paper titled “The Crisis in Evangelical Historiography” at the Conference on Faith and History in October.

From Oct 22 to 26, Dr. John Van Dyk, director of the Center for Educational Services, participated in an IAPCHE Conference in Los Banos, the Philippines. He led a “track” on the responsibility of Christian higher education for elementary and secondary schooling.

From Nov 18-21, Van Dyk served as a member of an Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools team to evaluate Toronto District Christian High School (TDCH). He also gave a presentation at the society meeting of TDCH on the topic “Teaching Christianly” and lead a professional day for the staff of Toronto Christian High School on the topic “establishing and maintaining a collaborative classroom.”

On Oct. 1, Dr. Danny Hitchcock took a group of eleven students to the annual Nobel Conference in St. Peter, Minnesota. They attended lectures given by some of the world's best researchers in behavioral neuroscience. The conference topic was “The Nature of Nurture” and included a lecture by Nobel Laureate Eric R. Kandel on the physiological basis of learning and memory.

Darryl De Ruiter, HPER instructor and soccer coach, qualified for and will participate in the 107th Boston Marathon next April. De Ruiter qualified for Boston by running a three hour, 11 minute marathon at Grandma’s Marathon (qualifying time was 3:15) in Duluth, Minnesota this past June. It was his sixth marathon completed.

On November 2, Dr. Arnold Sikkema and Dr. John Zwart took students Pam Vandermeer, Phillip Pambuh, Ben Zieske, and Barry Viss to a meeting of the Iowa chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers, held at Southwest Community College in Creston, Iowa. Sikkema gave a talk titled “Droplet Formation: Four Demonstrations of the Rayleigh Instability,” and Zwart gave one titled “High Precision 19th Century Spectroscopy.” At the meeting, Zwart was voted in as president of the state chapter for next year.

Dr. Wayne Kobes, professor of theology, and Dr. Ron Vos, professor of agriculture, gave a presentation at the ninth annual Ag Missions conference at ECHO in Florida on November 11. They were joined by Dave Evans of Food for the Hungry International. The title of their presentation was “Biblical Holism.” Five Dordt students also attended the conference.

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy Dr. John Vander Stelt read a paper on “Runner’s Implications for Issues in Theology” at a conference to celebrate the legacy of Dr. H. Evan Runner, held on October 4 and 5, at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

On behalf of IAPCHE (International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education), Vander Stelt lectured in the Philippines on “Christian Higher Education within Kingdom Context” at the Alliance Biblical Seminary (in Manila) on October 21 and at the Christian Reformed Bible College (in Los Banos) on October 22. He also functioned as coordinator of Track I (dealing with general cultural, historical, societal, and faith traditions and issues) at the IAPCHE-sponsored “Manila Leadership Conference” from Oct. 23-26. The conference was attended by forty persons from seven regions in Asia/ Oceania and five persons from Canada and USA.

Vander Stelt plans to spend four months in the Netherlands during the spring, continuing work on a book he is writing.

Agriculture Professor Dr. Duane Bajema participated in the annual meeting of the Foods Resource Bank on November 16-17 in Ft. Myers, Florida. The organization is a consortium of denominational relief and development organizations whose goal is to work cooperatively for the alleviation of world hunger.