The Voice: Winter 2003

The Voice

What do you do with a history major?

Students who major in history sometimes think there’s little to do with their major if they don’t teach, but history professors say there’s a whole world of careers open to history majors. Students who wish to go on to graduate school can choose from a range of areas in history—such as environmental, economic, or political history; studies in law, international relations, archival science, public administration, urban planning, and more.

But a range of vocations are open to students who are not interested in graduate school. Historical associations, libraries, museums, research institutions, archives, and philanthropic organizations all hire people with history training. Media organizations use history graduates for developing programs. Businesses, banks, insurance companies, public relations firms, and travel organizations use history graduates to help with programming or financial, economic, or political risk analysis. Government departments, foreign service divisions, cultural agencies, intelligence services, and legislatures also employ history majors.