The Voice: Winter 2003

The Voice

Art sale features original work of fifty local artists

by Jane Ver Steeg

Northwest Iowans had an opportunity in December to purchase original paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and ceramics created by more than fifty artists affiliated with Dordt College.

The art show and sale was the first of its kind organized by the Dordt College Art Department and included work created by staff, art alumni, and students.

“Our goal is to serve the larger community,” said Susan Van Geest, professor of art. “The sale is an important link between the college and Sioux Center, allowing us to share what we are doing in the art department and provide affordable original artwork for people’s homes.”

Van Geest said the growth of the art department in the past several years has made such a show possible. The Dordt College Art Department currently has sixty-five students majoring in art, as well as several art minors and students taking art classes. The show stems from coursework and provides hands-on learning for the students, who have taken responsibility for hanging the show, advertising, and serving customers.

“The art sale benefits the community by making art more visible, available, and affordable in Sioux Center,” commented Van Geest. She believes that the presence of original art in homes can enrich people’s lives.

The sale also benefits students, who can “use their artistic gifts to serve the community and get valuable experience by learning how to price their art work, how to market it with integrity, and how to select the kind of work that has consumer appeal,” she added. In the process, students learn that not all art is saleable, and that there are difficulties independent fine artists might encounter.

“At the end of the day, I believe the artists will find meaning in knowing that their work is being seen and that they are sharing their gift of art with the larger community,” says Van Geest. “It is very gratifying when someone purchases your work, choosing to live day in and day out with a small piece of you in their home.”