Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  1. ENROLLMENT. Enrollment is accomplished by completing and returning the payment plan enrollment form and the $50 enrollment fee by August 16, 2013.
  2. BUDGET AMOUNT/PAYMENTS. The Payment Plan allows for payment of the academic year in four equal installments each semester. Total semester costs minus financial aid determines amount budgeted with the payment plan. A payment calculator can assist you in calculating your payment plan budget. Students can also review their account online at Account Summary. Go to (only students can access this internal webpage). Students can email the online statement to anyone at anytime.


    Payment Plan Dates:

    August 16: Enrollment form information due

    September 5: First semester Payment #1

    October 5: First semester Payment #2

    November 5: First semester Payment #3

    December 5: First semester Payment #4

    January 5: 1/4 of second semester total charges (Should be similar to first semester monthly payment.)

    February 5: Second semester Payment #2

    March 5: Second semester Payment #3

    April 5: Second semester Payment #4

    Statements will be sent monthly to the individual listed on the application form.

  3. FEES AND OTHER CHARGES. The $50 application fee is non-refundable. This fee needs to be received by the business office by August 16, 2013. A handling fee of $20 (U.S. checks) or $30 (Canadian checks) will be imposed for any check returned by the bank. Return of more than one check by your bank as nonnegotiable may result in termination from the monthly payment plan. As a result, interest (0.75% monthly or 9% annual rate) will accrue on any unpaid balance. 
  4. CHANGES IN ACCOUNT BALANCE. If financial adjustments occur due to changes in class registration, housing, insurance waivers/enrollments or financial aid which affect the student tuition account after an initial payment, subsequent monthly billings will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. FAILURE TO PAY. In the event of failure of a participant to pay any monthly installment within 10 days of the due date, the payment plan will be canceled and interest at an annual rate of 9% will begin to accrue on the unpaid balance. A financial hold will be placed on the student account, preventing registration for a future semester and receipt of grades or transcripts.