Dordt College Presidential Inauguration Oct 19, 2012


Dordt College Board announces Erik Hoekstra as fourth president

Video of the entire event on Friday, April 20, where the Dordt College Board of Trustees announced Dr. Erik Hoekstra as the fourth president of Dordt College. The event opened with comments from current president Dr. Carl E. Zylstra, then Board of Trustees Chair Dr. Lloyd Vander Kwaak. Dr. Hoekstra talked for several minutes, after which Dean of Chapel Aaron Baart closed with prayer and all present sang the alma mater. The video concludes after Dr. Hoekstra's comments.

Dr. Erik Hoekstra: Fourth President of Dordt College

Dr. Erik Hoekstra, named the fourth president of Dordt College on April 20, 2012, along with his wife, education professor Dr. Barb Hoekstra, talks about his vision for the future of Dordt College.