The Dordt College master of education leadership degree consists of either a 10-course, 30 semester-hour program with a concentration in teacher leadership or a 36 semester-hour program in school leadership. It provides practical, hands-on instruction for teachers who want to learn more about what it means to teach and lead in a distinctively Christian manner. Graduates of the Dordt M.Ed. program will be better able to articulate a Christian perspective for education. They will also be prepared to translate that perspective into practice within their classroom, school, and community.

Our program is designed to fit into the life of the in-service teacher—even those who live far from campus—while providing a high-quality program that will genuinely contribute to your professional growth.

Our innovative summer program allows you to earn your degree in as little as two to three years, while spending minimal time away from home. EDUC 501 requires only one week on campus during the month of July. Before coming to campus you'll prepare for class by completing readings or other assignments.

Mission Statement

The graduate program prepares teachers for service in diverse settings, equipping them with God-centered reflective and transformative skills, knowledge, and dispositions for teaching, learning, and leading.

Registration 2017

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Student Testimonies

"THANK YOU for everything you did for me the past few years. I am so thankful for Dordt’s Educational Leadership Program. You are outstanding leaders and it was so great to learn from you as well as my fellow colleagues. The training and education you provided me allowed me to apply for and be chosen for an instructional coach position at our school. Without a doubt, I feel comfortable and excited about this new position because of what Dordt has done for me."


"THANK YOU for letting me know I am "official." What a great feeling that is! Praise God, and I want you to know that Dordt has been the best education I have ever received. I loved the challenge, growth and the Christian philosophy that fed my heart, mind and soul."