by Vaclav Havel

Fall 1992

By day, Dr. Henry Foustka works in an institute whose task is to stamp out non-rational thinking. By night, he desperately seeks knowledge of the world beyond the rational. He finds it in the occult. He is visited at home by a mysterious figure who promises him the knowledge he seeks, and who suggests his girlfriend Vilma might be unfaithful. At the office party that night, while fending off the Director's advances, Foustka beguiles the innocent Marketa with his seductive brilliance, but then goes off with Vilma. The next day, the spurned Director attempts to exact his revenge, and Foustka is locked in a life and death struggle to protect his secret self. Trapped in a world where speaking the truth is impossible, never knowing whom to trust, Foustka's quest finally reaches its climax amongst capering demons at a witches' Sabbath masquerade party.

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