The Chosen Daughter

by Jeanne Murry Walker

Spring, 1995

Dawn is an extraordinary young woman, sheltered from the world by her mother's nurturing, religious presence. She is preparing to go of/ to New York and the challenge of Juilliard. Her only close friend is her dead grandmother Sophie, for whom she was named. Dawn's older sister Marlene is a gifted clothes designer who has never felt included in the musical family. She tells Dawn that their mother conditioned Dawn to play: and there is some evidence she is right. Dawn sees for the first time how her love for music was shaped by her mother's own struggle to recapture her dreams and early promise. Terrified that she might be living our life as a mere projection of her family, Dawn thinks about giving up the violin she loves. The play is less about women than about questions of identity and freedom, and the ways we are formed by a combination of our own past history and our individual choices.

The Cast
Phone call
Ethereal scare
Three daughters together