Ben Dixon

Major: Health and Physical Education

Kingman High School, Kingman, KS

Probably the first thing that drew me to Dordt was football. When looking into Dordt I realized how much a quality, Christian education would help me throughout my entire life. The people here at Dordt were also a major reason I came. Everyone from the coaching staff, players, professors, and even other students I met on my visit seemed very nice and genuine.

Ben Dixon

To me, the greatest aspect of Dordt is the people. Through football I have found a great set of friends. At most other places I visited, I felt like the football players would be the only friends I would have, but here at Dordt I have many different types of friends from many different backgrounds.

Other than the people and coaching staff, the facilities were a major thing that set Dordt apart. I knew that I would not be living in or having class in some run-down complex, and that was very appealing to me. Another thing was the feeling of a legitimate Christian atmosphere which I didn't always feel at other schools I visited.

The fact that Dordt makes it a point to have every class involve God is different than other schools I visited and talked to. Most other private schools would have one or two religion classes, but after that it would be over; in their athletics they would talk about playing for Christ, but it wouldn't seem to be a major point that was accented in their program like it is here.

Coach is a man that truly cares about his players. I can tell he just wants us to be better and he wants to push us to reach our very best potential. Coach is a guy who wants to win with a passion, but also he never wants us to lose sight in what we are here to do which is to glorify God in all we do, including football.