Josh Nollmeyer

Major: Exercise Science

Savage, Montana (Savage High School)

The biggest selling point for me at Dordt is they have strong biblical roots and keep to their beliefs. The small class to teacher ratio ensured that I would get help in classes if I needed it. Sioux Center seemed like a really nice town. Football drew me here as well; I wanted to be a part of building a program. I really wanted to be surrounded by fellow Christians. It just seemed like the place that God was calling me to attend.

Josh Nollmeyer

The people for sure are one of the greatest things about Dordt; I have awesome friends who are also great brothers in Christ. There are so many memories being made in our daily lives. I also know that I'm getting a good education that will help me pursue my career.

Dordt really does care about you as a person and your walk with Christ. The coaching staff is dedicated to this as well; they want to see you grow in your Christian faith and also be the best football player you can be. It is also amazing how nice and friendly people are here. It is really easy to talk to people, and I appreciate the way that the churches around town welcome in the college students.

Coach has a passion for what he is doing and is always trying to challenge us. He cares and is trying to prepare us for lives as football players and as men. He is enthusiastic about what he is doing. He is really easy to go in and talk to—that's cool. He just has a passion for what he does and wants to see us succeed.