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Josh Matthews

Josh Matthews
Associate Professor of English

Phone: (712) 722-6250

I specialize in early and nineteenth-century American literature.  My particular interests there include Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, and the literature of European colonization of the Americas.  In my American Literature I class, students will become immersed in contemporary research in early American literature.  Specifically, they will study American periodicals--newspapers and magazines--to see how the novels and poems of the early American republic connect with a broad range of cultural issues.   

I enjoy the ways that the field of English--or the study of language, literature, and culture--intersects with all other disciplines. I have taught a wide range of classes at Dordt: science fiction, business writing, the film section of the CORE arts class (among others). I especially like that English classes regularly involve discussions about life and how to live it. Often, in discussions, literature classes find themselves mixing various disciplines such as biology, sociology, economics, and theology all together. That's the magic of English.

I have a developing interest in science fiction (SF).  Email me to swap recommendations!

I work as an editor, too.  Currently I edit the book reviews for Pro Rege, Dordt College's journal of reformed studies.  I have also helped edit the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review and the Walt Whitman Archive.

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