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Students thank supporters on Grace Days

March 20, 2014

Thanks to a broader community that believes in the value of a Dordt College education and many alumni, parents, and friends who commit to financially support Dordt students, approximately 28 days of their education are paid for by donations.

“When we take our total fund-raising as a percentage of our overall budget, we realize that a given number of days each year are fully supported by our donors, rather than by tuition,” said President Erik Hoekstra. “This year, that calendar turns in the first week in April, and the rest of the academic year can be thought of as ‘grace.’”

This is definitely a cause for celebration. “We give thanks to God for a generous supporting constituency that values what is done at Dordt College in Christ’s name,” said Hoekstra.

Dordt College kicks off its GRACE Days (Gifts Received from Alumni and donors for Christian Education) celebration on Friday, March 21, when students are asked to reflect on what they have received and to express their appreciation to donors. Students, faculty, and staff can eat a free barbeque meal, write a thank you message to a donor for helping make a Dordt College education possible, and run and jump through a giant inflatable obstacle course.

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