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Dordt College Ag Club makes strong showing at national competition

March 20, 2014

The Dordt College Ag Club showed up in force at the 2014 National PAS (Post-Secondary Agriculture Student) Conference in St. Cloud, Minnesota, held March 12 to 15.

Three of the four Dordt College teams placed within the top four in their categories and several students earned additional individual honors.

In team competitions, Dordt College took first place in the Swine Specialist contests and fourth in both the Dairy Specialist and Beef Specialist contests.

Three students took first place individual honors: Sophomore Gretchen Rops for Swine Specialist, junior Abbie Darland for Feeds and Animal Health Employment Interview, and junior Health Huitink for Crops Production Employment Interview.

Junior Quinlan Miller took second place individual honors for Ag Education, sophomore Lori Roseland took third for Livestock Production Employment Interview, and senior Josh De Waard took fourth for Precision Agriculture Specialist.

“Dordt’s agriculture students do very well at the national level because they are learning to be problem solvers and critical thinkers,” says Agriculture Instructor and Program Leader Gary De Vries.

“Competitions like this one allow our students to apply what they learn in class to real-world situations judged by professionals in the agriculture community,” he continued. “Students also network with other agriculture students and industry professionals from across the country. These are their teammates working to solve the problem of feeding a growing global population while being faithful stewards of limited natural resources.”

PAS is one of 10 career and technical student organizations approved by the U.S. Department of Education as an integral part of career and technical education. Their motto is “uniting education and industry in agriculture.”

Dordt College is one of a handful of Christian colleges in North America to offer a four-year agriculture program. Over the past several years, all Dordt agriculture students have found positions within six months of graduating, most much sooner. Graduates enter careers not only in farming and technical service support but also in government, finance, and international development. Learn more at

Complete listing of Dordt College’s Ag Club 2014 PAS Conference results

Team competitions

Swine Specialist – 1st place
Gretchen Rops (1st place individual) (Davis, South Dakota), Lori Roseland (3rd place individual) (Gilman, Iowa), Quinlan Miller (4th place individual) (Sioux Center, Iowa)

Dairy Specialist – 4th place
Health Huitink (Hospers, Iowa), Vern Oostra (Hull, Iowa), Karina Fast (Bingham Lake, Minnesota)

Beef Specialist – 4th place
Josh Taylor (Forest Lake, Minnesota), Andrea Borup (Saranac, Michigan), Abbie Darland (Vinton, Iowa)

Crop Specialist – 11th place
Josh De Waard (Stickney, South Dakota), Aaron Spronk (Edgerton, Minnesota), Cody Williams (Hornick, Iowa)

Individual events

Crops Production Employment Interview
Health Huitink – 1st place

Feeds and Animal Health Employment Interview
Abbie Darland – 1st place

Ag Education
Quinlan Miller – 2nd place

Livestock Production Employment Interview
Lori Roseland– 3rd place

Precision Agriculture Specialist
Josh De Waard – 4th place

Livestock Production Employment Interview
Cody Williams – 7th place

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