Content Worth Consuming

Prairie Grass Productions

Praire Grass Productions (PGP), the host of the Prairie Grass Film Challenge, is a division of the Dordt College communication department. PGP is committed to producing content worth consuming.

Content worth consuming does not mean each submission must be squeaky clean and have a Bible verse in it. The organizers recognize that life is messy and films need to address the truth of life. Organizers also recognize that much of the media we consume today is produced by people who will produce objectionable material simply for the sake of ratings and shock value. Nudity, foul language, and objectionable material included in submissions simply for the sake of inclusion may risk not being screened if judges and organizers of the film challenge deem them inappropriate. However, if language and other issues in a film speak truth, and are relevant to the message, organizers and judges are open to allowing them in the film challenge.

In short, Prairie Grass Film Challenge organizers are eager to encourage film/video makers to submit films that display:

If judges deem an entry too offensive or objectionable for screening, team members will be notified of the fact before screening.