Table of Contents

Peter Blokhuis

Civil society and Christian ideas
Fedor Nikolayevich Kozyrev

The promises of civil society
Govert J. Buijs

The responsibility of the church in civil society: Experiences and reflections from a Western context
Leo J. Koffeman

Christianity and civil society: Some sources of the discourse regarding civil society in Western and Eastern Christianity
Christian Buchiu

"Civil society" meets the "Russian idea"
Wendy E. Helleman

Destroying civil society: Hungary under the communist regime
Sarolta Fodor-Nagy

Leadership models in Africa, the West, and the Bible
Bennie J. van der Walt

Civil society, religion, and political liberalism: A comparison of the United States, Russia, and Ghana
David A. Hoekema

A simple model for describing the impact of worldview on wealth creation: The crucial role of beliefs, civil society, and business in the development process
John R. Visser

Henry Ford and the cultural mandate: Employees as image bearers and other new realities for biblically obedient management practices
Erik Hoekstra

Christian schooling in a post-atheistic society: Difficulties and opportunities-the Ukrainian example
Svetlana Panich

The school belongs to the community
H. A. C. (Jet) Weigand-Timmer

Concluding remarks: Climbing together
Nick Lantinga